Looking for Work ?

Security & Hospitality is one of our founding markets within Nexus 121 Recruitment and so we are very confident in delivering a candidate specifically for your needs, no matter how specific your requirements are.

Recruitment is constantly changing and from recent our recent survey candidates have found better opportunities by signing up to our data base as we were able to provide a boutique service enabling them to find a role suitable to their skills as well as the clients requirements, further our after care service enables us to always stay in touch, constantly providing our clients and staff with current and upto date news in the industry. This falls in with our ethos by involving in the development of our candidates through new training seminars which opens up more opportunity for them.

Nexus 121 Recruitment are looking for candidates with strong ethical beliefs, hardworking and willing to enhance their career, are you a candidate of this background. If you are you have come to the right place contact us now.


Clients can benefit from our 1-2-1 service, we can sit down have a proper chat about their business needs and what they are looking for in a candidate or even further business support we can refer you to our trusted contacts with any business advice or support in any way possible. We are not just a recruitment company who only help with placing candidates but we offer peace of mind. Something you cannot put a price on.

Networking Events

We believe networking is essential in many organisations, this helps organisations promote and grow their organisation.

Nexus 121 Recruitment have partnered with many events organisers across the country, register to be invited to the next networking event and you will receive an email with dates and times of each event.